Assembly 138 was originally charted in Hurst, Texas by the Society of American Magicians as the Mid-Cities United Magicians Club (abbreviated as MUM). Seven members appear on the March 12, 1977 charter. They include Robin Clay, James Eaton, William Ridge, Paul Shaffer, Darren Walker, Randy Yates and William Yates. Unfortunately due to inactivity primarily because of the demise of the “Magic and More” store that promoted the club's formation, the SAM recalled the club’s charter on October 14, 1981.

During the mid 1980's, a chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians was established in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Led primarily through the efforts of a minister by the name of Cameron Ainsworth, the group named itself the DFW/FCM (Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians). After several years of continuous meetings, Cameron moved from Fort Worth to pastor a church in another state. Subsequently club meetings became infrequent, membership dwindled, and ultimately the club also became inactive.



Early in 2001, a seminary student by the name of Darren Smith approached Bruce Chadwick, owner of the Illusion Warehouse retail magic shop (www.IllusionWarehouse.com) about once again starting a Christian-based magic group. Chadwick's store provided a good meeting location due to the fact that it was located at 3917 McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas, only three blocks north of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Subsequently a small group of individuals began to meet at the Illusion Warehouse. Within a matter of months the group grew to over sixty members. As emphasis of the club shifted towards general magic and illusion, it named itself the Alliance of Illusionists (AOI).

On Tuesday evening October 9, 2001, the Alliance of Illusionists members voted to petition the national SAM organization to become the Bruce Chadwick SAM Assembly 138 Alliance of Illusionists. The National Council of the Society of American Magicians then renewed the Assembly 138 charter on April 20, 2002. 

Charter members include Edgardo Ferrer, Bob Miner, Grady W. Patterson, Wilford D. Lewis, Jo Ann Lewis, Mark Jones, Raymond L. Landy, Martin Lee Patterson, Stephen C. Hires, H. Craig Davis, Larry J. Brown, Jr., and Bruce Chadwick. Click HERE to download a copy of the 2002 charter in PDF format.


Early in 2006, members of the Fort Worth Magicians Club Inc, the Ren Clark IBM Ring 15, and the SAM Assembly 138 Alliance of Illusionists began discussing the idea of meeting together on a monthly basis, mainly because there was so much overlap in membership. After surveying its membership and determining there was an overwhelming interest for an association, SAM Assembly 138 President Larry Brown sent a letter to the FWMC and Ring 15 suggesting that the three clubs merge into one entity.

However the Fort Worth Magicians Club and the Ren Clark IBM Ring 15 objected. in fact the Fort Worth Magicians Club and Ring had recently separated from each other for liability reasons and so the Fort 'Worth Magicians Club could become a non-profit corporation. The Fort Worth Magicians Club and the IBM Ring 15 did extend a written invitation for SAM Assembly 138 to start meeting with them concurrently.

So on Thursday June 1, 2006 the three clubs started meeting together at the same date, time, and place to promote and seek the advancement of the art of magic with the understanding that each club would remain independent. 

Unfortunately during the approximate ten years the three clubs met concurrently, the meetings were usually referred to as Fort Worth Magicians Club meetings, and not also the meetings of Ring 15 and Assembly 138. Also with the three clubs appearing to function as a single club, it is easy to understand how newer members thought the Fort Worth Magicians Club was a single entity with the SAM Assembly 138 and IBM Ring 15.



The Fort Worth Magicians Club does not require its members to also be members of the IBM or SAM. Therefore during the decade that the clubs met concurrently, Fort Worth Ring and Assembly membership declined drastically.

SAM Assemblies must maintain a minimum number of national SAM members to sustain their charters. With the SAM Assembly 138 membership critical, SAM members gathered for a special meeting on Tuesday evening July 5, 2016 and voted to reinstate monthly Assembly 138 meetings on the third Thursday of each month.

The move for Assembly 138 to once again have its own independent monthly magic club meeting has been very successful. The Assembly has exploded in size. In fact on April 6, 2017 the Executive Committee of the Fort Worth Magicians Club even rescinded its ten year old invitation for Assembly 138 to meet concurrently. Now the Assembly once again meets independently on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. The Assembly has updated its bylaws, revised its membership application process, become a 501(c)6 non-profit corporation, and renewed its mission to be the best magic club in Fort Worth, Texas.





Next Meeting


This month Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Phase 3 to "Open Texas." With this declaration, the Illusion Warehouse Party Room can now open to half its occupancy certificate plus staff. This means the June  Monthly Assembly Meeting of the Alliance of Illusionists will resume at the Illusion Warehouse, 7:00 pm, Thursday June 18, 3917 McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas.

Attendance for the June meeting may not exceed 25 persons. Seating is available on a first-come basis and seats in excess of 25 will be removed from the room. Once the 25 person occupancy is filled, members and guests who arrive at the meeting must be turned away.

Seats will be arranged so that there is six foot social distancing. Members may wear masks if they want to, but they are not required at the Illusion Warehouse. Please click HERE for additional information regarding the coronavirus protocols of the Illusion Warehouse Party Room and Magic Shop. People who are ill should stay home. President Bighorse has also arranged the meeting online with Zoom so that members not comfortable attending the meeting in person may still do so virtually. 

Long-time AOI member Al Fox will be the feature presenter at this month’s Alliance of Illusionists meeting. Al will do a special presentation on “Connecting with Your Audience,” which is one of the most pivotal and important elements for an entertainer. 

President Cindy Bighorse has called for an Executive Committee Meeting to be held at 6:00 pm, the hour before the 7:00 pm Monthly Assembly Meeting. All officers are requested to be in attendance. All members in good standing (2020 dues-paid-up members) may also attend. Visitors maly not attend Executive Committee Meetings.


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Meeting ID: 827 0794 5499

Password: thumbtip