In an effort to help AOI club members with rising costs, the Alliance of Illusionists helps it members pay their annual Assembly and national Society of American Magicians dues. In essence, members pay part of their dues and the club pays the balance.

  • ​Dues for Active and Junior members receiving a printed copy of MUM magazine are $75 per year. 
  • Dues for Active and Junior members receiving an online copy of MUM magazine are $50 per year. 
  • Dues for Associate members (spouses of an Active club member or a magician’s assistant) are $25 per year. National SAM membership is not required.

While the combined local SAM Assembly dues and the national SAM dues is substantially more than the $50 abd $75 dues structures, the system brings Assembly 138 into proper alignment with national SAM rules, which state that all Active and Junior members of an Assembly must also be members of the national SAM organization.

Members pay both their AOI yearly dues and national SAM directly to SAM Assembly 138 using the PayPal button below. The Alliance of Illusionists will then forward national SAM dues to the national SAM office.

Note that payees do not have to have a PayPal account to pay dues. Certainly a PayPal account can be used if desired, but anyone with or without a PayPal account can pay as a "PayPal Guest" using a regular credit or debit card.


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10.03 Delinquency ‐ Members who fail to pay their Yearly Membership Dues before the first day of March are automatically suspended from the Assembly. Suspended members are no longer members in good standing and their name badge shall be removed from accessibility. Suspended members may not attend Monthly Assembly Meetings or other Assembly sponsored events until dues are paid.  A member whose dues are unpaid for less than two years may pay his back dues to retain continuous membership. A member in arrears for two years or more must reapply for membership and previous membership is not considered continuous.




5.01 Visitors ‐ Visitors may attend up to three regular Monthly Assembly Meetings. Thereafter visitors must either apply for membership or cease attendance. It is the responsibility of the Sergeant at Arms to keep an attendance record of all visitors, their contact information, and enforce the three meeting visitation limit. Visitors may not vote or attend Executive Committee Meetings. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, they may attend Special Executive Committee Meetings that may be called during Monthly Assembly Meetings, but they shall not vote or express opinion unless the Executive Committee dictates otherwise.

5.02 Application Process  ‐ Individuals may apply for Active, Associate, or Junior Assembly membership by making online application through the Assembly’s website and paying the application fee, which also covers the applicant’s membership dues through December 31 of the application year. After submitting application and until an applicant presents his New Member Introduction (5.05), applicants may continue to attend Monthly Assembly Meetings. After an applicant presents his New Member Introduction (5.04), membership is ratified or denied by a vote of the Assembly (5.05). Applicants may not vote or attend Executive Committee Meetings until their membership is ratified by the Assembly.

5.03 National SAM Membership – All Active and Junior members of the Assembly must maintain membership in the national SAM organization.  

5.04 New Member Introduction – Applicants petitioning to join the Assembly shall introduce themselves at a Monthly Assembly Meeting. Called a New Member Introduction, this is usually a short magic performance, but it may also be some form of other presentation to demonstrate the applicant’s interest in magic.  The demonstration is presented at a Monthly Assembly Meeting within three months of application to join the Assembly. The Vice President is responsible for scheduling all New Member Introductions.

5.05 Ratification ‐ Immediately after the conclusion of an applicant’s New Member Introduction, the applicant is escorted from the Monthly Assembly Meeting area by the Sergeant at Arms or other designated Assembly representative. The Assembly then discusses the applicant’s application and votes on whether or not to grant membership. If approval is granted, the applicant is escorted back into the meeting room, membership is conferred, and the new member is presented his name badge. In the event that an applicant’s membership is not approved, the application fee shall be returned to the applicant. Applicants who are denied membership may reapply for membership after ninety days. Application for membership is an agreement to support the Bylaws of the Assembly.


Next Meeting


The Thursday, July 15, 2021 Monthly Assembly Meeting of the Alliance of Illusionists will feature a Magic Swap Meet. This is an opportunity for magicians to buy, sell, and trade their gently used magic tricks, magic books, and magic related items. 

While the party room at the Illusion Warehouse does have ten bar tables that can be used without charge on a first-come basis (maximum two per person), tables are limited. Attendees are strongly encouraged bring their own folding card tables or equivalent to display their wares.

Although not required, sellers will also have the opportunity to demonstrate or talk about the items they have for sale. Sellers and buyers are responsible for all transactions, and all transactions are completely independent from the Alliance of Illusionists and the Illusion Warehouse. Secretary Bruce Chadwick will provide a short lecturette on his perspective in choosing and buying magic. 

The club will meet at 7:00 pm, the Illusion Warehouse, 3917 McCart Avenue, Fort Worth. The store is located about three blocks north of Seminary Drive and across the street from the Rosemont Middle School. According to the Bylaws, guests and 2021 dues-paid-up members may attend.

The Executive Committee will meet the hour before at 6:00 pm. All officers should be in attendance, and all 2021 dues-paid-up members may attend as well. Visitors may not attend Executive Committee Meetings.


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Meeting ID: 926 5595 0754
Passcode: 280809