Active, Associate, and Junior members pay Yearly Membership Dues to the Assembly to help it fulfill its purpose. Money amounts for dues are set by the Executive Committee and are payable the first day of January of each fiscal year. Dues are currently $20 per member for the 2019 fiscal club year, January 1 through December 31.

Annual Membership Dues and Application to Join Payments are processed solely online. Simply fill out your phone number and e-mail address in the fields below and then click the "Buy Now" button to pay the $20 dues amount with a credit, debit, or PayPal account. 

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Delinquency ‐ Members who fail to pay their Yearly Membership Dues before the first day of March are automatically suspended from the Assembly. Suspended members are no longer members in good standing and their name badge shall be removed from accessibility. Suspended members may not attend Monthly Assembly Meetings or other Assembly sponsored events until past dues are paid.  A member whose dues are unpaid for less than two years may pay his back dues and thereby be reinstated and retain continuous membership. A member in arrears for two years or more must reapply for membership and previous membership is no longer continuous

Next Meeting

The Thursday February 21 (third Thursday) Monthly Assembly Meeting of SAM 138 will feature a free lecture by Bronson Chadwick, vocational magician from Midland, Texas.

Bronson started performing magic as a child and became a professional in 2008. He recently completed a ten month performing tour across the northeastern part of the United States. To date he has performed for thousands of programs and is in high demand for banquets, meetings, and parties.

Bronson will be presenting his brand new lecture called “Magic You’ve Never Seen Before: A Collection of Fine Mysteries for the Parlor.” He will present an array of unique and original effects that deal with cards, coins, silk handkerchiefs, mentalism and more.

The lecture is free for 2019 dues-paid-up members of SAM 138. Assembly members who have not paid their 2019 dues are encouraged to go to the DUES page of this website and pay their dues prior to the meeting.

Others may attend the lecture by paying $20 credit or debit card at the door, which if so requested can be applied toward club membership application for the 2019 Assembly year. 

The Illusion Warehouse is located at 3917 McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas, about three blocks north of Seminary Drive and across the street from a public school. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm.